Shipping Overview

Mr Roses Farms ships high quality fresh-cut flowers using FedEx & DHL. Once you place your order the flowers are cut, treated, boxed and shipped with FedEx or DHL service anywhere in the continental USA (We also ship to Hawaii and Alaska for an extra price per box) .

(Shipping charges will be applied for Valentines season) 

Where we deliver

All of our rose boxes include FedEx / DHL shipping using International Services to anywhere in the continental USA.  For delivery to Alaska, and Hawaii, additional costs apply, contact us for details. We currently do not offer shipping to any other international destination.

When to place order

You can schedule delivery of your roses from Monday to Friday (picking a day when you want to receive your roses from the calendar).  There is a “two day delivery window” so please select a date at least two days prior to event day.  You may receive your order one day ahead of the day you selected or one day later of the day you selected.  Delivery time varies per delivery zone.  We do not offer Saturday, or Sunday deliveries.

Tracking Your Box

The minimum amount of days needed to place your order for delivery is 7 days. You can place your order a maximum of 60 days prior to your event.
If you are planning an event and feel you need to process your roses in preparation for your event (hydrate, and let them open) we recommend that you place your order to arrive two days before your event.
FedEx / DHL will provide us with a tracking number, and we will send you this number via email (to the email address provided when entering the order).  This number will allow you to track your package online at   or at We are not responsible for the availability or errors from FedEx or DHL website.

Service availability by area

Please make sure your delivery address is correct and complete.  (Please review FedEx’s & DHL’s shipping policies.  FedEx & DHL require you supply your phone number and will not ship to P.O. boxes.)  You will be assessed a $15.00 fee per shipment if a shipment has to be rerouted by request or due to incomplete shipping information.  Only one reroute will be allowed per shipment.

Confirming service availability and estimated delivery time for your area can be done by contacting us via email providing your 5 digit zip code of the shipping address.

If you do not receive your order, we must be informed within 48 hours of scheduled delivery time. Since flowers are perishable and affected by weather and climate, we ask that customers or their representatives be present at time of delivery.  This will guarantee that your flowers are not left unattended or sent back for next day delivery.

If you have any questions please contact us by email:

If you wish to receive over 5000 roses please contact us via email