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Differences on buying directly from a grower than from a florist

There are several differences in buying flowers directly from the growers than buying them at a flower shop.

Firs of all, buying directly form the grower will save you a lot of money! Industry data says you can save up to 75% buying straight from the farm than going to a flower shop to get your flowers. It has been known that fundraisers are the main clients of buying in bulk due to the costs; this way they can re-sell and make some money for their institutions.

Second, by buying directly from the grower you could get fresher products, than getting your flowers from a florist. For example, the process of shipping a rose is the following: Day 1: Roses are cut, then they are processed for at least 12 hours hydrating on a cold storage at the farm. Day 2: they are being picked up and shipped to airport in order to be transported to its destination country that night. Day 3: roses flew during the previous night and have arrived to destination country; they go through the process of customs. Day 4: they are ready to be shipped to its destination city. On day 4, is where flowers are delivered either to final consumer or to florists. Florists then usually take an additional day or two to process their merchandising, (usually arrange bouquets, and arrangements); so by day 7 the flowers would be ready to be sold. In conclusion 3 days makes a lot of difference when talking about fresh flowers; this could definitively influence on the duration on the vase of a fresh flower.

Third, when buying in bulk directly from the grower you get to choose the best stems to work with. If you buy in bulk you get a lot of stems to be able to work with. There are always better and nicer looking stems than others; so doing this way you get to make selections on your product. By buying from a florist you don’t get this benefit and you have to accept whatever is there and done.

And last but not least, by buying directly from the farm you get to create the most beautiful arrangements, with your personal touch! If you hire a professional that is an expert with fresh flowers, he could do amazing arrangements for you. On the other hand, the florists could only offer you what they have on stock; having a customized or personalized product done by the florist will cost you hundred of dollars (more than hiring a professional that could do the job for you).

Our company MR Roses Farms offers customized packages, and many products with different quantities of stems; so you have a lot of options where to choose from. We guarantee amazing quality of our products (money refunded if client is not completely satisfied with our product). We work with FedEx, so you get assured that your package will be tracked from the moment it leaves the farm to the moment it gets delivered to your door.

Give us a try and you won’t regret how much money you saved!