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Things to consider when buying fresh flowers online

Before you purchase fresh flowers online, there are five things to consider:

1) Check the company’s website

Does it look professional enough? Check to see if all shipping costs are already included on prices, or if not, they must be fully disclosed. Read all the product description and know in advance what other things will come along the product: for example, is the bouquet wrapped on cellophane wrapper, does it come with baby’s breath, flower food, etc.

2) Beware of “order gatherers”

A lot of companies that take orders online pass a commission to local florists. Make sure you are buying directly from the grower in order to avoid extra charges.

3) Select “green flowers”

Consider eco-friendly flowers, organic, certified flowers; this means you are supporting “better farming” practices.

4) Compare prices

Compare prices along other websites that are selling the same product, you will find a lot of suppliers, but only few of them will sell at discounted prices. Calculate price per stem, and then compare with other sellers.

5) Read the terms

Always make sure you know the terms and conditions before buying, find out who delivers the flowers and check the company’s replacement or refund policy.