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Jasmine White

We are a family owned and operated producer of Fresh and Premium Long Stem Roses since 1995. We have been growing high quality wholesale roses on our Farm in Ecuador for more of a decade. We are involved in every aspect of the production of our roses including the selection, harvest and distribution of the Roses. Thus, we are committed to ensuring the production and delivery of the finest fresh-cut long stem roses to our clients.

Our greenhouses are built using the latest technology available in the Rose Industry. We are constantly upgrading the equipment we use to grow our roses in keeping updated with the industry advancements. We are equipped with post harvest rooms, cold rooms, packaging rooms, and refrigerated transport. Our roses are hydrated using the drip-irrigation system using our natural source water reservoir of approximately 6000 square meters for every two hectares.

Our farm is located approximately 45 minutes to the south of Quito; it is in between the city of Amaguana and Conocoto.

Here we wanted to share a picture of our of our farm, enjoy!