MR Roses Farms

Buying flowers online for your wedding

Buying flowers for your wedding is a huge decision; nowadays a lot of brides are buying fresh flowers, for her weddings, directly from the grower.

Brides and the wedding industry are saving a lot of money by buying “do it yourself” flowers.  Buying directly from the grower represents savings, and customization.  There are a some sellers that offer “wedding packs”; but very few offer customized packs. At MR Roses Flower Company, we do offer several options for your wedding.

MR Roses Farms offers 3 different wedding packages and we offer the option to customize.  Our best seller wedding pack is our Medium Wedding Pack, this product consists of 150 long stem fresh roses, plus 20 stems of baby’s breath, plus 1,000 rose petals; all in one box.

Wedding packages are designed to eliminate stress from you, by ordering online all the products you need to decorate your wedding in one!

And finally, another popular product for weddings, are fresh rose petals. Our petals are fresh, and come packed in bags of 500 petals each. We take special care when packing our petals, to make sure they arrive in perfect conditions. We offer them in quantities of 1,000; 3,000; and 5,000.  For more information about this product, please click here.

So if you are planning your wedding, consider purchasing your flowers directly from the grower!