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How to make a rose wedding bouquet

As soon as you receive your fresh roses, open the box and place each bunch (with 25 roses each) on buckets with fresh and cool water; without removing the cardboard that comes around the buds.

Leave the roses in water at least for 2 hours; roses need time to hydrate before they are ready to be used; make sure you dissolve the flower food on the water (this will help your roses to better hydrate).

Once your roses are hydrated, you should open the cardboard that comes along the buds, and carefully remove all the rubber bands.  Choose the best roses out of the bunch, then cut the end of the stems like about 3 inches.  Place all flowers together using “floral tape” (approximately 20 roses).  Once they are taped together cut the edges for a shorter bouquet.

Then with a ribbon, cover all the floral tape, do two rounds preferably, then hold it using pins so it won’t fall.  Then once that is done, use hair spray over your roses, to maintain them stick and strong until ready to be used.

You can choose the color of your roses for your bouquet based on your wedding colors; generally wedding bouquets could be made out of white roses, but there is no rule on this.  Make sure the color of the ribbon combines with your wedding colors.  You can add green fillers to your bouquet if you want, for example baby’s breath or green leaves.

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If you need help in choosing rose color combination, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be more than happy to help you with that!