MR Roses Farms

Your wedding, your way!

As published on an article of Brides Magazine, Oct 2010 issue, there is a way to save big on your flowers!  MR Roses Farms, is listed there as a great option to buy flowers for your wedding.   “Budget Blooms:  whether you’re looking for a ready-to-carry bouquet or hoping to make your own, check out these sites for affordable flowers… “

One of the ten tips for saving smart is:  Buy ONLINE:  “Some brides order ready-made bouquets from a website and have them shipped directly to their homes just before the wedding”.   MR Roses Farms is an excellent option to buy flowers for your wedding.

Check out our wedding packages, starting from $182.00, we offer:  small wedding pack, medium pack, and large pack, but we can also customize YOUR WEDDING packs to your needs, we once shipped a “MR Roses MINI wedding pack”; it is all about your wedding so it has to be your way!  Give us a try, and you will be completely satisfied!