MR Roses Farms

Ideal Rose Products for Fund-Raising Events

At MR Roses Farms,  you can find ideal products for your fundraiser event, all of our ready made bouquets!


One product for example, is the 18 dozen roses bouquets.  This product consists on 18 bouquets of 12 roses each, plus two stems of baby’s breath, they come wrapped in cellophane plastic.   All you need to do once you receive the box is take all the bouquets, remove the cardboard that comes around the rose buds (for protection while been shipped), place the whole bouquet on buckets with cool water and sell them!  Super easy in two steps.





Another good product is our box of 24 bouquets of six roses each.  These cute small bouquets also come with one stem of baby’s breath, and are wrapped on cellophane plastic.  All you have to do is remove the cardboard along the rose buds, and sell them!

These two products are great for fundraising events, plus our prices are low, so definitively there is a good opportunity for you to raise funds.