MR Roses Farms

Our Difference – Check the FedEx Tracking Info

Our difference lies in the fact that we are the Farm. When you consider purchasing roses from MR Roses Farms, you are dealing with the people that grow the roses. Others will sell you farm-direct roses, but they essentially act as the “middle person” between you and the farm. They will forward your orders to Farms like ours.


When you purchase from us, there is no middle person, you deal directly with us – the farm.  For every purchase, we send a FedEx tracking number, where you can make sure your roses are coming from Quito – Ecuador – our farm! Other flower sellers don’t have this, when you track a box, the box will probably come from Miami or LA, where most of the wholesalers have their stock (quick fact to take into consideration when buying flowers online).

All of our boxes of flowers are transported with the FedEx floral program (refrigerated travel).

When buying our flowers check the FedEx tracking info: from the farm to the home in 2.5 days! Some local florists have roses 10 or more days sitting in their shop.